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Title Tag

The <title></title> tag is one of the most important information for the search engines. Whether you're creating a website on WordPress or any other site builder, it is strongly recommended that you add your own title tags. If you don't, Google and the rest of the search engines will pick up a random piece of text from your website and this may affect your search results.

Search engines look for title tags which are about 67 character long. To make writing them easier, we've created the SEO Assistant. It allows you to type your tags while it's counting down the characters, so you always know when to stop.

Meta Description

The meta description tag has two main purposes: a) to tell the search engine what the page is about, and b)to show up in the search results so your potential readers can understand what they'll find if they click on your link.

The meta description should be approximately 155 characters long and you can easily type it using the SEO Assistant and paste it in your website.

<meta name="description" content="Sample meta  description.">

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